• All athletes must go to www.usaboxing.org and register online.  (see video for step-by-step instructions)

New Jersey Association of USA Boxing
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Athletes/Coaches/Officials Registration Info


Ace's Boxing Club 
718 Main St., 3rd Floor, Boonton, N.J. 07054
Joseph Zabry-(973-794-6509)
Registration Hours-(Mon-Thurs- 3-9PM)

Elite Heat Boxing LLC
130 Mount Pleasant Ave., Newark, N.J. 07104
William Mcphall-(973-704-6273)
Registration Hours- Mon-Fri- 4-6PM

Gleason's Gym Jersey Shore
10 Pearl St., Long Branch, N.J. 07740
Anna Schandle-(732-413-5166)
Registration Hours- Tues-Fri- 4:30-6PM

True Warriors Boxing and Fitness Club
85 5th Ave., Paterson, NJ 07513
Ramona Concepcion –(201-417-7961)
Registration Hours- Fridays- 6-8PM

You CANNOT compete until you receive your Passbook.

The fee for Athletes is $63. The fee for Non-Athletes (Coaches and Officials) is $113 if you need a background Check or $88 if you do not. A Background Check is required every year, but you only pay every other year. The USA BOXING registration system keeps track of when you need it and must pay the additional $25. At the conclusion of the Registration process, you will be given specific information as to what information must be sent to complete registration.  REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE until you finalize those instructions on the Membership Confirmation and possess a White Athlete Passbook or a Red Coaches Passbook. 

Coaches and Officials must complete a USA Boxing Certification Clinic and USOC mandated SafeSport Training in order to be eligible to participate. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. 

Renewing members with Passbooks: Merely cut out your Membership Card and tape it to the inside cover of your Passbook.

RULES AND REGULATIONS:  Every Athlete, Coach and Official should go to www.USABOXING.org and download or print USA Boxing's Competition and Technical Rulebooks. It is your responsibility to know the rules that will assist your boxers and avoid disqualifications. There are many items that you are required to know regarding Registration, Certification, Code of Conduct, Failure to Compete, wrapping hands, weigh-ins, facial hair, piercings, competing with braces, etc., that may disqualify your boxer if not followed. View the Official Rulebook regularly to become aware of these requirements. As a Coach, you owe it to your boxers. CERTIFICATION/SAFESPORT: This is a very important item. 

Certification IS NOT Registration. Every Coach and Official must attend a Certification Clinic every 24 months or will not be allowed to work your boxer's corner. You must also complete an online USOC mandated SAFESPORT Training clinic. This is strictly enforced!!! If you do not attend the clinic locally, you must travel to another area of the LBC in order to become Certified and work the corner. If you do not attend one, you will not Coach or Judge. You must bring your Red Coaches Passbook to each event with your Membership Card taped to the inside cover. This will list the expiration date of your last Clinic and SAFESPORT Training. 

CLUB REGISTRATION: Club Registration must also be done online at www.USABOXING.org. To do so, you must be the Club Administrator. Log into your USA Boxing membership and click on the "Renew my Club" icon. If you are the Club Administrator and don't have the option to renew, then you must contact USA Boxing Membership Services (719) 866-2300. If your Club is not currently Registered, your boxers will be listed as "Unattached" in any event locally, regionally, or Nationally. Aside from having your boxer listed from your gym at National events, there are many insurance, advertising, and promotional benefits for registering your Club. Any member who gets injured training in an unregistered gym will not be covered by the USA Boxing insurance, even if the member is registered.

SANCTIONING AN EVENT:  Sanction Requests are completed online. THE MERE REQUEST DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE SANCTION.  The Sanction Request must be approved by the Sanction Chair who will check for Local, Regional, or National conflicts, and with the Chief of Officials and the President. Consistent violations of USA Boxing Rules or New Jersey Association Rules/Protocol will be grounds for refusal of future Sanctions.

ESSENTIAL SOURCES OF INFORMATION FOR EVERY MEMBER: www.usaboxingnj.com for local information; www.USABOXING.ORG to answer any question you may have regarding USA Boxing as a whole. These are incredible sources of information and should be visited regularly. ALMOST EVERY BOXING RULES-RELATED QUESTION YOU HAVE CAN BE ANSWERED AT ONE OF THESE SITES.

ATHLETES: Aside from understanding and adhering to the aforementioned information, you are strictly responsible for your Passbook, Code of Conduct, and Adherence to all Rules. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IMMEDIATELY BEFORE AN EVENT TO REGISTER. IT WILL PROBABLY RESULT IN YOUR NOT BEING ALLOWED AND DISQUALIFIED.

OFFICIALS: Aside from understanding and adhering to the aforementioned information, you are to report to Chief of Officials regarding events, training, and mandatory clinics, as well as set a stellar example for every member of our LBC.

  • Once you are registered, you must print your membership card. If possible, upload a headshot onto your membership card before printing your card. If this is not possible, you will need a headshot to place in your passbook.

  • Renewing athletes , you must attach your 2019 membership card to your current passbook.  

  • New athletes, in order to receive a passbook you must print your membership card and bring it with you to one of the designated registration locations along with proof of birth (Birth Certificate, Passport, or Driver’s License). Passbooks WILL NOT be issued without proof of birth. Junior boxers must be accompanied by an adult when receiving a passbook. Masters boxers must have physical waiver signed by a Doctor before receiving a passbook. 

  • Questions? Contact USA Boxing membership services at 719-866-2323