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Why is your donation important to the New Jersey Association of Amateur Boxing important? And why does every single dollar make a difference? 

This question can be easily answered if you walk into any local boxing gym in New Jersey and see the amazing levels of talent and drive that these young adults have in the ring. But if you don’t have time to see the action yourself, then we can update you on how the New Jersey Association of Amateur Boxing has grown over the past few years as a result of your donations and our youth’s hard work and determination. 

One of the athletes who has benefited from the opportunities offered to the youth of New Jersey, is standout star of the year Shakur Stevenson. Just recently his lifelong dream came true when he qualified for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro at just eighteen years old. Stevenson, a Newark native who started mimicking the boxers he saw on TV when he was just two years old. Shakur has been with the New Jersey Amateur Boxing Program for eleven years. 
Building Future Champions with Your Donations

To put things into perspective, the LBC spent over $40,000. in 2015 to support junior athletes competing in regional and national tournaments. Now with the growing amount of opportunities for our junior boxers arising including participating in the New Jersey Silver Gloves, Junior Olympic Independent Gloves, Ringside World Tournament and other tournaments where athletes are required to travel across the United States., every dollar that is donated helps. 

If you are interested in donating towards the New Jersey Amateur Boxing Program and helping kids like Shakur become champions of life, please click on the Donate button above.
Silver Glove Competition - NJ STRONG!
The New Jersey Silver Glove competition was scheduled to take place on December 1st at Elite Heat Gym in Newark, NJ. This year the athlete entries were uncontested weight classes across many divisions with one exception. Boxers and Coaches arrived for weigh-in with the hopes of competing but unfortunately this did not happen. Our Coaches prepare the young athletes for months with the hope of winning the New Jersey Silver Glove competition, advancing to the Regional Silver Gloves held in Herkimer, New York and then advancing to the National Silver Gloves in Missouri. 

The disappointment of not having an opportunity to compete at the local level clearly sparked a fire in our Coaches and athletes. If you haven’t already heard the news, team New Jersey swept the Silver Glove Regional tournament!

One cohesive team… which began weeks before the actual event. The coaches rallied and put together training camps and sparring sessions with athletes from various states and gyms, working together in preparation for this day. 

Moving forward to the Silver Glove Regionals in Herkimer… if you looked around the venue what would you see? New Jersey STRONG!!! Parents, coaches, athletes, friends and family ALL on one accord… cheering for each other and giving the support necessary for our youth to be successful. A team full of passion and purpose… and at the end of the day mission accomplished. CHAMPIONS! 

First in the ring and leading the day in victory was Dylan Dynamite Diaz. “An impressive demonstration of skills and drills all three rounds”, states a smiling Coach Suarez. Being familiar with these young boxers, Coach Suarez sang praises and gave kudos to the Coaches for the exceptional way all these young boxers stepped up their game and dominated their opponents. Following young Dylan’s performance, the crowd cheered as they experienced the footwork fancy movement and the non-stop punching of Ezekiel Suarez. Bringing his “A GAME” with a smile, just what he does whenever he steps into the ring. Ezekiel’s hand was raised, victorious again. Next to enter the ring was his buddy and teammate, Ramon Ordonez, ready to give yet another stellar performance. As we know, the young Ordonez brings the pressure like no other. From start to finish, never letting up, never letting his opponent set or catch a breather. VICTORY!!! Ramon hands it off to our strong and tenacious southpaw, Yoell Cooper AKA Boy Boy. 

Yoell shows the crowd a combination of tenacity and strength, landing the powerful left at will and stunning his opponent. As you already know, another victory claimed by team New Jersey. And it doesn’t stop here. Entering the ring, the slick and evasive Nasiq Jones AKA “Candyman”. Nasiq starts off at the sound of the bell, pulling explosive and impressive combinations from his bag of tricks. Forcing his opponent to miss repeatedly, he puts on another show for team New Jersey. Did someone say five victories? Yes, we are at victory number 5. Wait, we have one more. After cheering his teammates on to victory and being the eldest of the traveling team, Mr. Darius Stone decides it is his job to end the show by stopping the show! Darius dominated round 1, barely allowing his opponent to return for the repeat domination and near TKO in round 2. Then in round three, Darius stops his opponent in his tracks, demonstrating a new sense of focus, agility and strength. Six contested champions and let’s not forget Champion number seven, Marcello Tejada, uncontested in his division. Marcello will advance to the Silver Glove Nationals as a member of this dynamic team! 

Congratulations to all involved and we are looking forward to following this team of Champions to the Silver Glove Nationals. Hats off to all of those who took part in making this possible for our youth. A shout out and very special thank you to Ramona and Jose Concepcion for traveling to the Silver Glove Regionals and officiating. 

Way to go team New Jersey!

Silver Glove Competition - NJ STRONG!
Silver Glove Competition - NJ STRONG!

Amateur Boxer of the Month
Keith Colon, Jr.
An Honor Roll Student, Keith Colon Jr. began Boxing at the age of 10 years old as a means of self-defense. A young man who was a bit on the short side, he was inspired by his father and trainer, Keith Colon Sr. who wanted to insure that his son could take care of himself. Boxing was the perfect answer for Keith Jr. who truly loves Boxing. In fact, when asked which part of his training regiment he liked the least, it was hard for him to answer. He shared, "I like all of my training, except the part about making weight because it means that I can't have a snack at night or eat what I want when I want to eat it. Once I started Boxing I really fell in love with the sport. I love all of the love and support of all of the people around me. It made me realize that I'm not just an average boxer. Other things that made me fall in love was my progress. I am a fast learner. Because I was able to progress so quickly and do things so fast at an early stage in the sport, it inspired me to keep going to pursue my dream." 

This focus driven Boxer is currently ranking number # 2 in the USA at 110 lbs. and sure to achieve even greater things, since even at a young age he is well-aware of what it takes to make it to the top and has the focus and the drive to bring him there.

Keith is not alone in favoring Sparring in his training. Most Boxers say they love this part of their regiment the best. "When I go into the ring I like to be able to try everything I've learned and to test my spirit and put my skills to the test. I like to have a person in front of me rather than just hitting the bag or shadow boxing." He explained.

He also had this advice for those who are thinking about taking up Boxing. What Keith Jr. had was one powerful word, consistency, which he believes is key to success. "Consistency is the main thing whether you win or lose a fight. Consistency is needed in training in order to make it to the pros. There are many great fighters who don't make it, simply because they aren't consistent.

Coming up for Keith may be a trip to Ecuador, and in December the 2019 USA Boxing Tournament, which also serves as a spring board to the Olympics. Other highlights of Keith's Boxing career: NY vs NJ Champion, the last one in Murcia, Spain, where he took Silver at the Boxam International Tournament. 

One thing that is for sure, Keith loves boxing and loves everything connected to it, except maybe for that late night snack when making weight. He is trained by his father Keith Colon Sr. along with Mike Steadman, Jihad Abdul-Karim and Paul Pinnock, training out of Ironbound Boxing Academy in Newark, NJ.

Keith Colon Jr.